Why Should You Intercalate?

Intercalation is a year where you interrupt your medical studies in order to obtain an additional degree. Depending on which medical school you attend, intercalating may be compulsory or optional. Each medical school has a different system, so make sure you do your research. You may be required to achieve certain grades in your exams to be allowed to intercalate, or you may attend a medical school that gives everyone the opportunity to intercalate if they would like to. There’s also the option of studying at a different university for the year.

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Why Intercalate?

There are many reasons to choose to intercalate and many reasons why you might decide not to.

Reasons to intercalate:

  • Some people choose to intercalate as it increases the number of points in your foundation training application - however, I must stress that this should not be your only reason for intercalating. An extra year of studying is a lot of work and shouldn’t be done simply to tick a box.

  • It may present an additional opportunity to publish some research

  • Intercalating can be an opportunity to gain new skills

  • You may have a specific interest or passion that you’d like to explore - if you’re interested in