Welcome to the Black and Forth Blog

Welcome to our very first blog post on the Black & Forth Platform. This, for us, is the start of a new era and we appreciate you taking the time out to check our site.

Hopefully this will not be the last time.

In this blog post we are going to provide you with a bit of background knowledge about who we are, why we are doing this and what to expect from us in the next coming months.

Behind this platform are Bimpe Adeyemi and Honey Ajisefini, the co-founders of the Black & Forth Platform. We are both third year medical students at UCL who are currently taking a year out to pursue another degree and then return to medicine (queue the hefty sigh). We’ve known each other for a long time now, lived together and we do bounce ideas off each other so it’s no surprise that we ended up here.

So, what drove us to create a blog amidst all the madness that is currently happening in this 2020? Long story short, we had a phone call and quickly came to the realisation that this life is too short to keep questioning yourself. We realised that we had gotten to the point in our lives where we wanted to try something new, develop our writing skills and also create a platform that does not restrict us to the tedious stereotype of a medical student. We named this platform Black & Forth because it would be incredibly senseless to expect that we are going to agree on everything. As a consequence, you may see rebuttals, different perspectives brought to topics and possibly controversial opinions discussed in our blogs - hence the name Black & Forth.

We intend to talk about whatever we feel like so that will include a multitude of topics, from life as medical students, the transition to black womanhood, social relationships and of course some tips for students who may need some help with university admissions. You might be thinking this may be a lot to cover but we think this is the beauty of our platform. Between these topics there is a great deal of intersectionality in which there is no harm in exploring. Of course, releasing all of this content in one go is unrealistic but we have decided to give ourselves this challenge.

Besides that, we are also hoping to create some resources, both free and paid, that we would love to share. Please note, the prices will not be exploitative, that’s not how we do things round here. Having said that, the pricing will be a direct reflection of the time, hard work and effort we put into our resources.

Before we get into some Ground Rules for this blog, we do hope that you enjoy our blog posts and whatever content we put out there from this moment onwards. We would appreciate you liking, sharing and commenting on our content. If you are here to just stop by, we hope you gain something from our posts.

A quick disclaimer, all our content is our own and our opinions are probably going to change over time. Also, the occasional post may leave you triggered.

As this first blog post comes to an end, we would like to write a quick note & quote to ourselves to remind us why we are doing this which may also be of use to you:

"I got my start by giving myself a start." - Madame CJ Walker

If you have been thinking about doing something for a while now, it’s probably time to start pursuing it.


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