Side-Hustles for Medical Students

Earning money on the side can be difficult as a medical student. With a shedload of debt, endless hours spent studying and never-ending exams, finding a job that can fit in with your schedule feels like mission impossible. Sometimes a traditional job such as working in retail or waitressing is just not feasible, so we created this post to get you thinking about ways to earn money on the side as a medical student.

Many of the options listed are flexible and work with tighter schedules. Have an honest conversation with yourself about the number of hours you can work. Contrary to popular belief, there is the opportunity to find time to earn money as a medical student. Learn to work smart, not hard and you will end up freeing up some time to earn some money.


Number one on the list is tutoring - a very popular job amongst medical students. As a tutor, your responsibilities include supporting your student’s learning, instilling confidence and setting the foundations for their future. Tutoring often requires tutors to be knowledgeable about their chosen fields, good communicators and patient. Luckily, for most medical students, they often possess these skills, making them an attractive choice for parents and tutoring agencies.