Looking to Get into Health Tech?

Health technology is an alternative career path that medics may consider. However, just like many other alternative medical careers, it can be a confusing space to navigate. Hopefully, this blog post acts as a starting point to outline some steps you can take during medical school to pursue a role within health tech.

A common misconception in health tech is that you need to be a coding expert, however this is not the case. There are multiple roles beyond the technical aspects. Key roles in the health tech space include - technology, product, marketing, sales, customer success, operations and finance. The difficulty lies in choosing. As a medical student, you may not be aware of all the options that are available, so the first step in getting into health tech is to do research and get exposure to different roles to figure out which section to pursue. You can also go one step further and narrow your focus to a specific area of interest, e.g. pharma, women’s health/”fem tech”, digital therapeutics etc., although it’s not entirely necessary this early in your career. Once you know your interests within health tech, you can then narrow your focus to find relevant opportunities and develop skills in that specific area.

Developing Skills

As a medical student, time is often a limiting factor, making building the necessary skills difficult. Here are various ways you can get involved in health technology during term-time. Note that all of these suggestions depend on the area or role of health tech you are interested in. It’s not necessary to do everything on this list.

Med Tech Society

If your university has a Med Tech Society, this is a perfect way to learn more about the industry. You can attend any events or workshops that the society has to offer, or can even get involved in the committee. Joining a society is also an opportuni