How To Make The Most Out of Online Learning

These past few months have been strange to say the least. COVID-19 has altered our daily lives whether that be work, social gatherings, travelling etc. You could probably name any daily activity and COVID-19 has impacted it in some way. Education, especially, is not exempt from this. University students have been hit hard by these changes and this has been met with some mixed reviews.

One of the major changes to our university experience is the transition from ‘traditional’ face-to-face learning to online learning. Although some of us may love the fact that we can learn from the comforts of our own home, spend less on travel and wake up five minutes before a lecture, some of us are finding this transition much more difficult. Social isolation, mental health, and unproductiveness are issues that many of us may face during this academic year as a result of the pandemic. Therefore, in order to help you adjust to online learning we have included some tips that you may find helpful.

Tip 1: Taking Walks in the Morning