Alternative Medical Careers - A Quick Guide

We often decide to study medicine from a very early age which gives us little time to think about alternative careers - if you are interested in exploring your options, here’s a list of some careers/roles you might not have considered before.

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Health Technology

This is quite a niche field however there are so many roles you can pursue within it. If you’re interested in coding, you may want a more technical role, if not, there are so many non-technical roles available too. An emerging area where clinical expertise can be very beneficial is health informatics. Check out our blog post on getting into health tech if this is something you’re considering.

Sports Medicine

Although this career does require some traditional medical training, it’s non-traditional in the sense that there are many opportunities to work outside of an NHS hospital setting. Sports medicine is a highly competitive field, especially if you want to work for big sports teams. Working in sports medicine can allow you to meet some really cool people at the top level of their sports career, but you do need to be at the top of your game to get there. Some people may not find it as exciting because athletes are generally fit - so if you are looking for interesting cases look to work in a hospital or GP.

If you’re considering this career, you could intercalate in Sports and Exercise Medicine, or consider doing a masters or other qualifications at some point in your career, to gain more specialist knowledge. You can also attend relevant events or conferences, and potentially complete research related to sports medicine.