A Black Woman in Medicine: My Perspective

As the next academic year approaches, I feel it is the perfect time for reflection, preparation, as well as progression as I look back on the first two years of my adult life. It has been two years since I first felt that naive, wide-eyed joy of entering medical school. I’ve had some good experiences and met some amazing, talented people along the way. However, despite feeling inspired by those around me, I have to admit there is this sinister feeling that stays with me most days which is the immanent anti-blackness that plagues this profession and the way it affects Black women specifically.

Before we get into this blog, to provide you with some context, I go to university in London and I have almost reached the halfway point in my (six year long) medical school journey. There is a strong chance that I am writing this blog with a strong reluctance to confront my emotions on this topic but I am also exhausted by the challenges that I, as well as other Black women in particular have had to face in this profession so far.

This is not a blog that will reveal the solutions to making life easier as a Black woman in medicine or to analyse the reasons behind our struggles.