Bimpe Adeyemi

Bimpe Adeyemi, a third year medical student, is one of the co-founders of the Black & Forth Platform, a platform created to explore the realities of Black female medical students. She has been involved in many societies at UCL including: UCL African and Caribbean Society, UCL African and Caribbean Medical Network as well as the UCLMS EDI Race Student Subgroup. During her time at university, she felt the need to not only develop her writing skills but also create a space where Black women, like herself, can discuss various issues without being confined to just the sphere of Medicine.  


Her interest lies in improving the Black medical student experience. Although her time within this profession has been brief so far, the injustices witnessed related to Race and Ethnicity have not only been plentiful but also long-standing. She stays committed to ensuring that medicine is an inclusive place for Black students.


She also has experience supporting prospective Black medical students with their applications by her frequent involvement in outreach programmes, personal statement tailoring and interview practice.


Honey Ajisefini


Honey Ajisefini is a third year medical student and one of the co-founders of The Black & Forth Platform.  She has been involved in societies such as the UCL African and Caribbean Society and the UCL African and Caribbean Medical Network. During her time at university she has thoroughly enjoyed school outreach as well as mentoring students at various stages of the medical school application process. She is committed to continue helping prospective medical students through the resources shared on this platform, ranging from personal statement resources to interview advice. 


Through this platform, she hopes to become more intentional about articulating the issues that Black people face within Medicine. She is looking forward to sharing the medical student experience from a different perspective and having meaningful discussions with our readers.

About Us

The Black & Forth Platform is a space to explore a wide range of topics, from life as medical students, Black experiences in medicine, social relationships, as well as personal development. Join us on our journey of discussing our perspectives and opinions as we navigate through life.